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Clear Prop!

Located in Northern Ohio, Smokin' Airshows is a unique business offering stunning experiences along with the purchase of a set of goggles. Buyers pick up their purchase of antique replica goggles in person and receive a free biplane experience to try them out! 

With no one set business site, we operate out of several airports throughout the area to best serve our customers and participants.  Every flight starts with a quick check-in and flight safety walk through with our pilot Bill. Once settled in and airborne, we take you for a comfortable and scenic tour over iconic locations in the area. Giving you information and history on the area while you view it from a cool perspective like non-other!


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Adventure Awaits

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Interested in a cool new pair of eyewear? What about a free ride in an open-cockpit biplane to break them in? Visit our Goggles and Flights page for more info!

Learn more about our pilot Bill, his wide range of experience, and why you'll love flying with him!

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Vintage biplane does loop stunt with smo