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Biplane Aerial Tours

Take in the serene beauty of the world above. All in the open-cockpit of a biplane, making the experience like non other.

Thrill seekers can opt for ride options that include smooth aerobatics and barrel-rolls!

Learn more about our pilot Bill, his wide range of experience, and why you'll love flying with him!

Have an event that needs a little extra biplane action in it?

Visit our performances information page to view requirements and get a custom quote!

Vintage biplane does loop stunt with smo

Clear Prop!

The radial engine thumps and sputters to life as a rush of air and excitement flow over you.

What will become one of your most favored memories has begun!

Before we get in to details on the amazing experience that awaits you, lets explain who we are

So what exactly is Smokin' Airshows?

We are an aviation tourism company located in northern Ohio.

With no one set business site, we operate out of several airports throughout the area to best serve our customers and participants.

Why choose a biplane tour?

Museum tours can be educational, and theme parks can be fun, but what if you could have a truly unforgettable experience that does both?

Asides from being one of the most awe inspiring and memorable tours out there, our aerial tours are geared to be both educational and fun! Fly back in time and experience first hand the bygone area of the Barnstormers that captivated 1930s America! 

Every Tour starts with a quick check-in and flight safety walk through with our pilot Bill.

Once settled in and airborne, we take you for a comfortable and scenic tour over iconic locations in the area. Giving you information and history on the area while you view it from a cool perspective like non-other!

Participants looking for more thrill while they learn, can opt for a ride that include the introductions to smooth aerobatics and rolls, or just a longer flight, depending on your taste and comfort level during the flight!